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happy earth day :-p

Just got back from NYC. that was a trip i will never forget. lol. i think next time we are flying. that was the most excrutiating bus ride in the whole world. And Vito was just soooo tired. i felt so bad. But anyways, we got there saturday morning and we just walked around for a while and got food and all that. Then we went to the hostel but check in was at 3 so we just left our stuff there and cleaned ourselves up a bit in the bathroom. After that we just walked around and then we kinda went straight o looking at apartments. I was soo tired but it was cool cause i got to show Vito around. I really enjoyed being in the city with him. It was a much better experience. I was starting to not like the city anymore, but having him there with me was so wonderful.

So the apartments we checked out were pretty nice. All of them were small, but livable. We checked some places out near my house which was weird cause we were so close and i felt bad that i didnt go home. But then i felt better cause that might have ruined the trip. Vito really liked that area, which is nice. He especially liked my street...imagine moving into my building? hehe. After that we were just soo tired, so we went to the hostel and slept till about 12. then we hoped on the train and came back uptown to eat and check out the area. We got so much done that day i couldnt even believe it. and we hardly slept too! we talked a lot about stuff with us, and i think everything is going to work out better then we expect. Hes nervous about all of it, but i think that nervousnous always happens when things are not certain. But i have a gut feeling about this, and its a good feeling.

sunday we got up, got ready, walked arund the village a little, then checked out more apartments. Then we walked around more but we were starting to get tired out so we decided to just go back to the hostel and get our stuff, then leave. And then we took the 8 hour trip back. It was ok though, we listened to music, and slept and fooled around in the back of the bus. =) Even though it was tiring and hard, i think i got so much out of this trip in terms of learning about myself, and Vito and all the wonderful things that i keep forgetting i have. i am in such a good place right now, and i cant remember the last time i could actually say that.

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