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Which X-Files Character Are You? Take the Quiz

didnt see the xfiles last night, but thanks to everyone i know what happened. =p

so i wake up this morning for class cause i realized i wasnt as tired as i thought i would be, and then i call vito and he says he is not going to class. so thats good i guess cause then i dont have to go and i can go back to sleep eevntually. Then i called my mom cause she left a worried message on my answering machine. She keeps trying to convince me to go home first and then look for an apartment and i am like, well what about vito? parents are so weird sometimes.

So it snowed yesterday...which is completely retarded since its been like 80 degrees here. The weather here is so messed up. I felt kinda weird coming back, almost like i didnt want to, cause nyc was so perfect.i really did have an awsome time this weekend, putting aside the tiredness and crankyness. And just when i think i cant be more amazed by him, he shows me something else so beautiful about him. He was so patient and wonderful this weekend, and so perfect.I wish he knew how compltely wonderful he is.

so now i am gonna get back to the apartment search.i'm actually waiting for vito to call to see if we are gonna get one of the apartments. that would be sooo nice. but just in case i'm gonna do another search. and i'm gonna check into plane fares. cause i dont think we can handle that bus again... =)

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