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We are gonna get the apartment baby!!! we decided to take the studio on 70th street, which is small but nice and its in a great neighborhood. a couple blocks from my parents though which is weird, but actually it might be a good thing. i am soooo excited about it. I think its gonna work out great. So now its just a countdown till the last day of classes and finals and all that. I have a final on may 5th which is a sunday, and i dont really have to take it, but i wanna pull my grade up, and i love abnormal psych, so i think i'll take it.

So last night Vito came over and we went to eat, which was fun. we got to talk about a few things and we decided that our relationship was past the point of being boyfriend and girlfriend, we were just too scared to say it, but it felt nice to know that he was on the same page as me, even more so maybe. Then we came back and hung out with Jim and Andrea, cause andrea was upset about Luke and i just wanted to be there for her. We watched Ghost World, which was good, but way too long. Then Andrea decided to sleep over in my room, so the three of us fell asleep in my bed, then vito went over to the lounge cause it was too crowded in my room aparentmy =p

so now i am just waiting for everyone to wake up. i love the fact that my two favorite people get along so well. last night was just so cute with the two of them there. its like all i could ever ask for. its perfect...

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