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To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...

So after Vitos class i went to meet him in the math learning center. he was supposed to help this girl with math but she never showed up, so we just left. We went to get my eyes checked so i can get a new prescription. Vito always tells me he wants me to see all the beautiful sights he sees. =) so we are probably gonna get the lenses tomorrow. After that we were gonna go see Jimmy Fallon at Alumni Arena but we decided not to cause i just wanted to hang out with him and have fun. So we drove around a little, and then we found this awsome place to eat. we talked about how i dont show my writing and art to anyone and i could tell he was upset, but then he said he didnt want me to show them to him cause three months from now he didnt want me to be dissapointed. That kinda upset me just cause he is basically saying that its not gonna work out with us so we shouldnt get closer, but at the same time, he tells me that he feels closer to me than anyone. soooo i dont know. but i understand what hes saying i guess, cause i used to feel that way, but at this point i feel like i can trust us enough to know that stuff is going to work out between us. then i felt like i was gettin all mushy on him so i stopped talking about it.

i really didnt want to be without him tonight, but he has been spending so much time with me and i know he needs his alone time, so i didnt push it. And i know i will see him tomorrow...and all summer.

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