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*fear is how i fall, confusing what is real*

I vow to kill people who are in charge of fire drills!!!!!!! My stomach hurts like hell. We had a firedrill at 7am and it lasted like 30 min. It was freezing outside! that was so not cool. today was supposed to be sleep late day!!! so i just got up cause my roomate is comming back today and i dont want her parents to see me in be at like 4. lol

I am doing nothing today. I am so happy. I have done something every single freakin day and IAM SO TIRED. Today is the day of doing nothing. My tattoo is awsome =)

Oh i found this awsome add in my newspaper for the flicekrstick concert! its so cool. I'm getting like a illion copies and putting them all over my wall!!

"And that's when we found him (Cory) around the corner. Dominic thought he was a bum and stepped over him." -Brandin =)

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