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packing and packing

Went to class, did boring math today. Hung out with Vito. Waited for him to finish with the test. then we went to give the people my presciption for new glasses, then we went to get a litterbox for his stupis ex, then we went to tops to get boxes so i can start packin shit away. then he dropped me off.

The rest of the day i just hung out with Andrea and cleaned and packed and organized. it was so very fun. not. I watched DC and Felicity for the first time in like weeks and weeks. that wasnt very fun either. we went down to see Josh for a while. We talked abotu stuff. he thought it was very cute that Vito took me to get my eyes checked. and he said he liked him very much. score. then i continued packing stuff away. and now i am sitting here tired as hell, wanting to go to bed, but not being able too. and i am bored. and have no motivation to do anything useful. Vito might come over later. he might not. we'll see. today was just fuckin...fucked. thats it.

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