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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!

a really hot geek

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Captain of the Innuendo Squad.
27 September

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"Beauty is truth, truth-beauty. That is all you know on Earth and all you need to know. Except cause of death." ~Grissom

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Rodney picked up the chair and looked at the window. "I can do this," he said. "I work out."
John snorted, so Rodney turned to glare at him. "I do a lot of running," he snapped, defensively.
"Yeah, for your life," John told him. - the hero thing by nixa_jane

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Bisexuality is Real.

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1940's, 30 seconds to mars, abnormal psychology, adrian pasdar, androgyny, archaeology, arrow, atheism, batman, battlestar galactica, biopsychology, bisexuality, black and white photography, boys in makeup, brian/justin, buffalo, buffy the vampire slayer, castle, coheed and cambria, cole mohr, colorful hair, colton haynes, comics, criminalistics, csi, cylons, damian wayne, david duchovny, david hewlett, david tennant, dc comics, dead like me, digital photography, doctor who, drinks, egypt, enterprise, equality, fanfic, farscape, fashion, felix dawkins, firefly, flickerstick, florence and the machine, forensics, gaius/gaeta, gay rights, geeks, guitar, hair dye, heroes, hieroglyphics, how i met your mother, ian somerhalder, icons, intimacy, jack/daniel, jackass, jake gyllenhaal, jason todd, joe flanigan, john sheppard, johnny knoxville, johnny the homicidal maniac, kaboom, kate/sawyer, laguardia, lgbt, lost, makeup, marriage equality, mckay/sheppard, mcshep, milo ventimiglia, misfits, nathan petrelli, new york city, nightwing, nine inch nails, nip/tuck, nirvana, orphan black, passion, peter petrelli, peter/nathan, photography, photoshop, placebo, project runway, psychology, puddlejumper sex, quantum theory, queer as folk, rain, red hood, rent, richard dawkins, robin, rock stars, rocky horror picture show, rodney mckay, roy harper, ryan dunn, sasan, sci-fi, science, sex, sga, slash, sluttiness, snarky canadians, snow patrol, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stars, stephen colbert, swing dancing, tattoos, teen wolf, the dresden files, the office, the vampire diaries, the x-files, thomas dekker, thunder, torchwood, traders, transgender, trent reznor, ub, university at buffalo, vampires, viva la bam, will and grace, zachary quinto

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